Haptic Wristwatch for 'everyone', 2012

My Role: Interaction Design and Physical Prototyping

Credit: Eone

With a mission to create fashionable products accessible for ‘everyone’, Bradley timpiece is created in collaboration with product designers, engineers, and people with vision loss. The Bradley changes the way we interact with our timepieces by allowing users to see and touch the time. Instead of traditional watch hands, time is indicated by two ball bearings - one indicating minutes (top), and one indicating hours (side).

Bradley was debuted as a top 15 Most Successful Product Design campaign on Kickstarter in 2013 and recognized with numeours design and innovation awards. In 2012, I helped defining interaction models, and designed and developed the first proof-of-concept working prototype of bradley.




In 2012, I helped conceptualizing multiple ideas and iteratively developed the first proof-of-concept prototype, which was user-tested with unsighted people and presented at MIT’s 100K challenges. This served as an important milestone for Eone to decide their design direction, raise fundings and awareness around the inclusive design.

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In July 2013, eone ran a Kickstarter campaign that became one of the top-funded design campaigns on the site. While our crowdfunding goal was $40,000, we successfully raised nearly $600,000 from 3,861 backers across 65 countries. More than 70K bradley watches are sold world-wide.

  • Red Dot Award 2015
  • Da Vinci Award 2014
  • London Design Musuem Design of the Year, 2014
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