Fluid and Zoomable TV Interface, 2013

Role: Concept Development, Interaction Design, Prototyping

Collaborators: Ben Cerveny(Concept discussion), Josh Nimoy (Software), Seran Jeon(Visual Design), Gabriel Dunne (Software)

Days of selecting from a handful of TV channels are gone, and now people watch new videos through web services, social networks, online media stores, and subscription content services. The content landscape has been completely transformed, but TV hasn’t. TV has worked with the linear channel metaphor, which is simple and comfortable to use, but it doesn’t do a great job of browsing hundreds of contents from multiple sources. Then.. how can we extend the familiar channel metaphor to accommodate this new content landscape?

Stripe is a fluid and zoomable interface based on the channel metaphor for navigating through a media content database with remote controls. By combining centered highlight UIs and multi-scale interaction techniques, Stripe employs semantic zoom to indicate the selection and keep the users focused. In doing so, Stripe allows for an experience of playfully flying into and out of a large content landscape by simple motions or touch gestures on a remote control.



  • IF Design Awards - Digital Communication Category Winner, 2015
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