What You Click Is What You Wear

An Augmented Reality Mobile Fitting Room, 2013

My Role: Concept Creation, UI Design, Software Development

Collaborator: Mobile-side Software Development: Daewung Kim

What You Click Is What You Wear (WYCIWYW) is a technology prototype that fuses multiple sensor inputs in AR to turn e-commerce like scenarios highly immersive experience. By combining touch and gyro input from a mobile phone, and external depth camera sensing, users can navigate through the shopping list on their phone, virtually try them on, and move with 6 degrees of freedom with them worn.

mixing touch and wearables In the current prototype, virtual wearables are rendered around the users' arms with stereo or motion parallax. A depth camera attached to the display tracks the position and geometry of user's arm, while the hand-held device detects the arm's orientation based on its gyro sensor data.

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