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Jinha Lee is a Principal Engineer & Designer and Head of Interaction Group at Samsung Electronics. At the intersection of design and engineering, Lee explores ways to weave digital information into physical space and material, and how people can collaborate better in such environments. He also focuses on innovating software prototyping processes and developing experience-design driven business strategies. Previously, Lee has co-founded Eone - a tactile watch brand for everyone including the visually impaired, conducted research at SONY and Microsoft. He has received his M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT and his B.E. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Tokyo. His works have been presented and exhibited at major academic conferences and museums, and have been recognized for design and innovation excellence; MIT Technology Review named him one of the “35 innovators under 35 (TR35)”; FastCompany named him on one of 32 candidates for the greatest living designer in the world; World Economic Forum named him a young global leader. In 2013, he gave a TED talk about his inventions including 3D desktop that allows users to reach inside the screen and a levitating interface.

Mar 2015. Selected as a Young Global Leader of 2015 by World Economic Forum (WEF).
Jan 2015. Launched TIZEN OS for TV at CES.
Aug 2014. Selected as a winner of TR35, MIT Technology Review's list of 35 Innovators under 35.
Mar 2014. Nominated on Fast Company's list of 32 World's Greatest Living Designer Bracket.
Feb 2013. Gave a talk at TED.
Nov. 2012 Selected as one of 21 TED Fellows of 2013.
Aug 2012. took a leave from MIT, joined Samsung Electronics
Jul 2012. ZeroN exhibition at MIT Museum.
Jun 2012. Giving a talk at Future of Touch & Interactivity Conference.